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MacArthur Studio

Roussillon Hills (14x18, acrylic)

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I am really fortunate. I have been able to travel from one end of France to the other on several occasions.  The ochre red village of Roussillon France had been calling my name since I discovered the area was one of the first places sourced for red dye. 

Proudly perched on a hilltop, Roussillon overlooks the first quarries carved out over two centuries ago. The red of the cliff faces, to which respond like an echo the red of the buildings' façades, certainly explains the attraction of this village which is the only one located in the heart itself of the ochre deposits.These natural pigments have been used since prehistoric times and we can see evidence of that on the walls of caves. Then in 1780, Jean Etienne Astier from the village of Roussillon discovered that, after processing, ochre became an inalterable and non-toxic dye.

We had lunch and walked the streets. Later, we stopped on our way out of town to view the rich red hills. I did a sketch or two. When we returned home, I created this piece.