A little about the Artist

John MacArthur, a life long resident of the DC area, has been painting most of his life. A chance meeting with Kirk Douglas, a movie prop and a fascination with the world around him created a journey that continues today. Please look around and enjoy images from around the world, all created by John.

Deeper dive into the Artist
  • Europe . . . France, Italy, Germany, Spain and beyond . . .

    These pieces reflect places I have visited in Europe

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  • The Beauty that surrounds us . . .

    These pieces represent the natural beauty that surrounds us here in the United States.

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  • Big City USA

    These paintings represent buildings in big cities  and places in the United States

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  • People

    I don't do many "people", at least not many portraits. I do try to capture feelings, etc.

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  • Small Treasures

    These are smaller paintings. In art, size does not always matter.

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  • Horses, cows, elephants and more

    These represent animals. Horses racing or a wild animal in it's environment.

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