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Mac Arthur Studio

Cassis France (6x8, watercolor) Print Only

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We were Arles and she said "let's take a road trip today!". So, we got into our Fiat rental and headed east. Traffic was light and the scenery breathtaking. We passed through Marseilles and the made our way over bridges and through tunnels. Finally, we reached our destination and she found a spot in the car park. She led me down the hill to a lovely little village by the sea. There were bustling crowds and interesting local shops. A bit further down the slope and we stood at the waterfront. Turquoise blue and shimmering as far as the eye could see, it was the Mediterranean. We located a wharf side table at one of the cafes. She sat down and smiled that kind of smile that is borne deep in one's soul. It was a dream come true. It was her birthday and we were in Cassis. Later, while she visited the shops, I found a perch and sketched her dream town by the sea.